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Masterpiece Collectibles Membership

Last updated 20th Apr 2022

Masterpiece Collectibles Membership Card

Validity period: 1 May 2022 to 1 May 2025

Membership fee: SGD60 per term


Masterpiece Collectibles is excited to launch our membership scheme with the first edition of our membership cards. This release is limited to 100 sign-ups while stocks last. Enjoy member exclusive privileges like priority sales, member discounts and free gifts during your membership term. Your membership card also doubles up as a NETS FlashPay card for daily use!


*Please read the Terms & Conditions and FAQs before purchasing. Purchase can only be made in-person at our store from 23 April 2022.


Member Privileges

  • Receive free gift(s) over the period of your membership

  • Entry to member-only events

  • Member discount on selected items

  • Priority sale for members

  • Purchase member-exclusive products


Terms & Conditions

  1. Membership is valid for a fixed period of three years from the first day of the month of issue (inclusive) to the first day of the month of expiry (inclusive) as stated on the membership card.

  2. Membership is transferrable and resaleable. The membership period will remain fixed as stated on the membership card.

  3. The membership fee is fixed at SGD60 regardless of when the membership is purchased. This membership fee is only applicable when purchasing directly through Masterpiece Collectibles.  

  4. Members are required to show physical proof of membership for admission into members-only events, enjoy member discounts and purchase member-exclusive products.

  5. Members are required to collect their free gifts within the stipulated time or else they forfeit their privileges.

  6. Membership privileges are available only for purchases made in person at our shop or event. Membership privileges are not available for online purchases.

  7. All member privilege items must be collected in person. We do not offer postage or delivery service.

  8. Member privileges (e.g. member-exclusive products) are available on a first come first serve basis. 

  9. Each individual is only allowed to purchase one Membership card per transaction.

  10. Membership once purchased is non-refundable.

  11. Lost membership cards will not be replaced.

  12. Masterpiece Collectibles is in no way affiliated or associated to NETS or its subsidiary.

  13. The Masterpiece Collectibles NETS FlashPay card comes with no stored value. For more information, please refer to  

  14. We reserve the right to revise the terms and conditions as deemed necessary. Masterpiece Collectibles’ decision is final.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I get a discount if I buy this card after the release date?

No. Treat this card like a Certificate of Entitlement. It's validity is for a fixed period. During the period of its validity, this card can change hands between individuals.


2. What if I want to buy a membership for my family?

You are advised to come down to our shop to make the purchase with all potential members present. We regret to inform you that we will not allow collectors to purchase multiple cards by themselves.


3. Why only 100 membership cards?

We want to ensure that our members feel exclusive and that they truly have membership privileges that not everyone can easily access to. Controlling our membership numbers also allows us to plan our production for member-only products.


4. I'm busy to come down to collect my gift or enjoy the discount. Can you send it to me or give me the discount later on?

You are busy, we are busy, everybody is busy. As our storage space is limited, we cannot keep your free gift for you indefinitely. Once the collection period is up, we reserve the right to sell it away.


5. Can I bring my family along to members' event?

Yes, and no. Non-membership card holders will need to wait outside our shop. Only card carrying members may enter the shop during member only sales.


6. What happens if I don't want my membership anymore?

You may resell it on any platform you desire.


7. Can I show my membership card while placing web orders?

As we will be unable to verify the authenticity of the membership, we won't be able to accept member orders through our website.


8. Can I show a photo of my membership card to enjoy member privileges?

As there is no photo ID or any possible way to verify your identity, the only way for us to recognise members is if they have the physical card with them. 


9. I am overseas during the membership exclusive event.

Members have to be physically present to enjoy member privileges.


10. What if I've misplaced my card? Can I get a replacement?

Unfortunately not. As membership cards are not tagged to an individual's name, there is no way for us to cancel your lost membership card.

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