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Real Hero 06 - Firefighter 打火人 (Rota Commander)

Scale: -

Dimensions: - cm (L) x - cm (W) x - cm (H)

Material: Resin

Brand: Masterpiece Collectibles


2 types of hose included (1 x Resin, 1 x Rubber)



'Pak Huey Lang', loosely translated as "Fire Beater" in Hokkien, was a term commonly used by people in the past to refer to a firefighter.

Courage, Strength, Bravery, Heroism. These everyday heroes are constantly there every ready to protect us in times of danger.

Masterpiece Collectibles honours these life savers with the release of this figurine.


Real Hero 06 - Firefighter 打火人 (Rota Commander)

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