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3D Figure Scanning

Ever want to have a printout of your self? We provide a 3D scan and print service according to the size you require.

Great for use in dioramas, wedding toppers or gifts!

Recommended sizes:

1/64 (approx. 2.8cm)

1/43 (approx. 4cm)

1/35 (approx. 5cm)

1/18 (approx. 9.8cm)

Other sizes available upon request

Materials available:

Polyjet (Full colour)



Estimated price (based on full colour printing)

1/64   - SGD100

1/43   - SGD100

1/35   - SGD150

1/18   - SGD299

Contact us for pricing of other sizes. Bulk discount (>4 prints) available

Order process

  1. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your scan

  2. We will make a 3D scan of you at our shop (approx. 15-30min).

  3. View the 3D model of yourself for approval on the spot.

  4. Make full payment upon confirmation.

  5. Model will be delivered in approximately 30-45 days.


Due to size and scanning limitations / restrictions, we regret to inform that the following will not be possible:

  • Scans with reflective surface (e.g visor, spectacles)

  • Objects with fragile structure

  • Pets

  • Young children (child must be able to keep still for scan)

  • Couples (i.e. two figures combined into one scan)

Do consult our staff on your desired pose and objects you wish to use. We will advise you accordingly if modifications to props need to be made.

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