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About Masterpiece Collectibles

Our Story

Masterpiece Collectibles (Business Registration No: 53168578X) is a company specialising in producing scale models, OEM products and corporate gifts.


Masterpiece Collectibles was founded in early 2000 with a desire to create something uniquely Singapore. The team comprises of individuals who are first and foremost, collectors ourselves with a passion for scale models. Our founder is a passionate collector, and like many of us, had a strong desire to own something that represented Singapore. Looking around, he saw models of many other countries, but none of Singapore’s. At that time, models of Singapore were few and far in between. When a manufacturer decided to release a model in Singapore’s livery, everyone was excited to purchase it. Our founder was thus convinced that there will certainly be others like him who would also want to collect models representing our home, Singapore. Hence, Masterpiece Collectibles was born and he decided to venture into making these models.


Masterpiece Collectibles started off with a few small releases once a year, operating out of a small shared space in Golden Mile Tower. Fast forward to today, we feel heartened that we have managed to gradually grow and create many more models of Singapore. In the process, we have also managed to start international sales, establish international distributor channels, create an online shop, and more importantly, have a shop space to call our own.


As collectors ourselves, we understand the value in the models and the importance of quality products. Our products are ideal collectibles not just because of its details and quality, but because can also be openly displayed for all to admire. We strive to use the best available parts to accurately represent the model, and continuously seek to improve on the model right to its finest details. Beyond our models’ attractive appearance and social significance, we believe the models are of a value investment as they are able to rekindle fond memories and increase in value by each passing year.


Our models are artistic impressions of the vehicles used by the various emergency forces. We are not affiliated to any governmental organisation (such as the Singapore Police Force or Singapore Civil Defence Force) nor do we claim to represent any through the sale of our products.

Our Vision

Our vision is that one day, everyone in Singapore can own a model that represents Singapore.

Our Brands

Over the years, we have diversified and developed the following brands. These brands / series are a wholly owned subsidiary of Masterpiece Collectibles – MC64, Masterpiece Collectibles City, Boss Edition, Real Hero Series.


Our Manufacturing Process

Our scale models are primarily made of Resin. Resin casting is a highly expensive and labour-intensive process. The model is first sculpted by hand or in a 3D modelling software. A prototype is created which from which amendments may be made. A master pattern, of which a mould is created for the casting process. The resin is poured into the mould where it cures and is extracted from the mould. This process is repeated for each individual part. This mould is only good for approximately 10 castings or less before it loses its shape, whereby another casting mould needs to be created.


The parts are then painted and hand assembled piece by piece. Decals are applied to create the finished product.


While Resin models are more expensive per unit, it offers us the flexibility to release a smaller number of pieces (and hence a wider variety of models). Resin models also offer a higher level of detail compared to diecast production.


Models in our MC64 range are made from diecast. The diecasting process involves forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mould. The model is first designed in a 3D modelling software. A mould is then created by steel dies that have been machined into shape. The cost of creating this mould involves a large sum (approx. 5-figures SGD) which means this mode of production is usually reserved for high-volume releases. The upside however, is that the unit cost of production per model can be significantly lower than a resin model.      

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